French deli meat leader Herta® launches “Engagé et Bon”, a new range of ham fully tracked by blockchain

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During the 2021 French Agriculture Week, Herta® presented its latest product range, coming from a 100% traceable food chain. The multi-stakeholder project included farmers, processors, and the brand, and guarantees total transparency thanks to blockchain technology. The new range, called “Engagé et Bon” (literally meaning: Committed and Good) confirms Herta®’s commitment towards French agriculture and the continuous improvement of their products.

The new line is made up of 6 different SKUs and responds to the growing consumer demand for a deli ham which does not comprise on quality nor origin. 100% of the pork is raised without antibiotic treatments, fed with non-GMO feed, and it is also guaranteed nitrate-free, thanks to the use of special vegetable extracts and antioxidants. In addition, its packaging is recyclable, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding consumers.

This new product, designed in partnership with Porvéo, Socopa, and Connecting Food, follows a logic of fair pay for each actor of the food chain. This innovative collaboration enables Herta to offer a top-tier ham that is 100% French and ethical, and allows consumers to access the traceability information via a QR code on the back of the pack.

Good farming practices and fair pay for farmers

To supply the pork for the range “Engagé et Bon”, Herta® chose Porvéo, the pork division of the French agricultural cooperative Terrena, due to their strong focus on animal welfare. Porveo regularly evaluates their breeders, and they are proponents of technology to ensure best farming practices. In addition, they guarantee fair pay by indexing it to quality. Beyond the fixed compensation, farmers are further rewarded via a system that takes into account the cost of production, such as the feed, and the program is reevaluated each trimester to ensure income stability.

This partnership allows improved stability and security […] for our members. It’s a recognition of their work and their commitment”.

Thierry Lambert, president of Porvéo.

Evron, the Socopa industrial site that specializes in pork

Thierry Meyer_Bigard

The pork from Porvéo is processed in Evron, a Socopa facility. Socopa is specialized in the pork industry and contributed its teams and industrial expertise to this project. This helped Herta’s® Engagé et Bon brand receive a special certification thanks to their high animal welfare standards.

The work accomplished together… demonstrates that the BIGARD group and its affiliate SOCOPA pursue their commitment to the quality of meat…while guaranteeing total transparency through the blockchain.

Thierry Meyer, Director of the pork segment, Bigard Group

High-quality ham in sustainable packaging

Arnaud de Belloy_Herta

Herta® Engagé et Bon guarantees a ham without nitrates thanks to a special conservation process which combines both plant and antioxidant extracts. In addition, its packaging was made even more sustainable by switching to a recyclable paper option.

“This partnership is a representation of our way of working with the food chain… This new range highlights the work of French farmers who employ exemplary farming practices, all of which is guaranteed to consumers thanks to the cutting-edge use of the blockchain”.

Arnaud de Belloy, General Director of Herta® France

Complete transparency thanks to the Connecting Food platform

All the products of the Herta® Engagé et Bon range allow consumers to discover the journey from farm to plate. From the feed manufacturers through to manufacturing, passing by the farmers, all of the supply chain information is available to consumers. Shoppers can access the traceability information for their specific batch in-store or at home, by scanning the QR code and entering the batch number.

This second collaboration with Connecting Food comes after a successful test last year on a first product reference (their “Tendre Noix®” deli ham), confirming Herta’s® partnership with Connecting Food and its belief in the importance of blockchain for the deli meat sector.

In addition to providing blockchain traceability, Connecting Food’s real-time digital audits verify that Herta’s® criteria specifications are respected at every step of production, recording the audit results to the blockchain. This improves food safety and security, positioning Connecting Food as a trusted third-party, and creating trust through transparency for consumers.

“This end-to-end traceability project, in collaboration with our agricultural and industrial partners, demonstrates that the transparency is possible even on a large scale. We are convinced this project will prove to the food-processing industry that this is the way forward, especially as consumer demands for this type of information is only going to grow!”

Maxine Roper, Co-founder of Connecting Food

To discuss this initiative, Tom Raftery invited Connecting Food’s co-founder and Managing Director Maxine Roper, and Herta Supply Chain Director Daniel Amaro to come on SAP’s Digital Supply Chain Podcast.

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