SMART AGRI HUB : the European organisation supports Connecting Food in the launch of the Roots platform

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While 2020 has lead many companies to reinvent and find new ways to work, at Connecting Food, we tried to put our technology where it would help as many food producers as possible.

Within the SmartAgrihub respond Call, we presented a new version of our platform, aimed at producers working with retailers, that wish to prove their product’s origins, in order to adress consumers’ need for fresh and local food, that the pandemic underlined.

Below are some questions that SmartAgriHub asked us.

The winning project of the Smart AgriHubs Call was the blockchain platform ROOTS by Connecting Food
The winning project of the Smart AgriHubs Call was the blockchain platform ROOTS by Connecting Food

How did you come up with your winning idea for the RESPOND Call?

We already had an existing transparency platform based on blockchain, and very early on in the pandemic, we saw that supply chains were being very much impacted by COVID. We also saw that consumers were even more concerned with food safety that they were before, and were seeking out products purchased locally. This motivated us to think outside of the box and reflect on how our platform could be adapted to fit the need of producers and retailers during these challenging times.

What motivated you to take part to this Open Call?

We were encouraged by Business France to participate, and we believe it was an opportunity for us to fill an immediate need and respond to SmartAgriHub’s objectives of helping digitize food supply chains, ensure food safety and reassure consumers.

What is the purpose of your project? How does it help the agri-food sector to tackle the Covid-19 impact? 

Our purpose is twofold: first, to restore consumer confidence in our food systems and second, to enable retailers to showcase where their products are really from and respond to the growing consumer demands for local foods. Our supply chains have been so shaken up by the increased sanitary restrictions that food labelling has become more difficult and retailers sometimes have trouble identifying which batch comes from which supplier. Using the Roots platform, they will now have that visibility when it comes to tracking the origin of products in their store. In addition, they benefit from our LiveAudit® module, which provides real-time digital supply chain auditing, verifying that products are compliant at every single stage in the production process, and providing immediate alerts if they are not.  And of course our QR codes are a unique way to reconnect consumers with a product’s origin and allow them to discover a product’s entire journey, from farm to plate.

What are your hopes for the future? What would you like to achieve with your project? 

We are looking forward to supporting local farmers, reassuring more consumers regarding food sourcing and quality, and helping retailers ensure that 100% of their food sold is traceable.

In order to achieve that, we need to get the retailers and their providers on board, so if you’re reading this and working in the food industry, get in touch with us and let’s see how we can work together!

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