Walmart annouces the finalists for the Global Food Safety Innovation Platform

The Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center announced today a shortlist of 37 companies as finalists for the Global Food Safety Innovation Platform. Connecting Food is part of the « Retail & Distribution » category.

Out of 125 applications from over 8 countries, the shortlisted projects are global innovators meeting the major challenges of current and future food supply chains.

« The submitted proposal combines the most advanced technology to provide innovative solutions to current food safety problems. »

Mr. Hua Zhiwei, Senior Director of the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center

List of the 20 finalists in the “Retail and Distribution” category:

•            Beijing Freedom Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Beijing Ma Shang Ying Network Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Beijing Zhuoweizhi Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Connecting Food

•            Hazel Technologies

•            Hefei Weina Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Mimica

•            Pinpoint Software (DateCheckPro)

•            Plaris Scientific Instruments (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

•            Shanghai Orange Information Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Shanghai Fuming New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Shanghai Hehe Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.

•            Shenzhen Daochuang Intelligent Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Sichuan Yingsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

•            Spoiler Alert

•            Suzhou Huiwen Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Talkin’ Things

•            Wasteless

•            Wuhan Weina Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

•            Wuxi Xunjie Guangyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

They will have the opportunity to be mentored by innovative platform partners including Walmart, Starbucks China, Want Want Group and other major food companies, as well as pilot projects, investment or other business development possibilities.

Next steps : meeting up with Walmart leaders to find a use-case

In the upcoming “Project Selection” event in September, the finalists will introduce the improved project plan to the Innovation Committee online. Subsequently, the Innovation Committee will require all or part of the finalists to submit a final project proposal for evaluation of the project’s pilot/confirmatory testing (PoC).

On the “Innovation Exhibition Day” in November, all the finalists selected by the innovation platform partners for project pilots or other forms of cooperation will present their roadmaps.

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